About Us

I guess our story started when I met my husband, Rean.

On our first date, he said to me that one day he was going to sail around the world - and if that’s not something I want or could do, I should take a hike!

I should have known then! Joking aside, I found this sailing thing quite a daunting concept, as I didn’t know anything about it. I think I had been on a sailing boat maybe once before, so I almost did take a hike!

Luckily, for him, I was quite willing to learn about it, and here we are more than a decade later and almost ready to cast off and take the world head on.

For Rean the love of sailing started when he retired at 30 (or tried to, anyway) and thinking that when one retires, one needs a boat. So, he went looking at yachts and met an extremely good sales person and left after purchasing a yacht 3 times his budget. After feeling violently ill as he had just spent all his retirement money and would probably have to go back to work, he decided that he should probably learn how to sail it himself. After just one lesson he was hooked for life.

So, now that the children are about to set off on their own adventure of life, we are about to start a new adventure of our own.

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